The Brazilian Butt Lift, in a Nutshell

Brazilian Butt LiftWhat Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Entail?

The Brazilian butt lift is a body-sculpting technique aimed at creating a fuller aesthetic in the butt region.

First, the doctor uses liposuction to remove some fat from places where it won’t be missed. The idea is to make the area of fat removal look better as well, providing a double benefit.

When that is completed, the fat is used to build up your butt through an implantation technique. Using the fat from your own body for this process is the most natural-looking and safest method, as it is the material that normally makes up the buttocks.

What Are the Benefits?

Since the Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat tissue for the process, it eliminates any fear of allergy or rejection. Both of those issues add risk when using prosthetics for butt lifts. In other words, there are fewer risks of complications.

Another advantage is that the process involves custom sculpting. With implants, you use prefabricated devices to get the desired shape. Those implants can be customized a little, but nowhere near as much as the sculpting of a Brazilian. Because of this, the Brazilian process often gets the best shape in the end.

What Is the Process?

If you choose this route, here’s what you can expect.

First, you will consult with the doctor to make sure you’re a good candidate and that the Brazilian butt lift can actually do what you want. From there, you and your doctor will determine together what path you’re going to take.

When the procedure starts, the first step is liposuction. Once that is complete, the butt lift takes place. The two procedures are done together, and in plenty of cases, you might mix in a couple of other light procedures.

Grouping them lowers recovery time.

After the process, you will have a care routine. Because the procedure takes place on the butt, you’ll need to sleep on your stomach and avoid sitting for the first week. This allows the optimal condition to preserve the fat and the shape created. No exercise should be done for at least 2 weeks.

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