Rhinoplasty & Nasal Surgery in NYC & Middletown, NY

Embarking on cosmetic nasal surgery (Rhinoplasty) is a significant journey. Dr. Yager’s expertise in this complex field ensures a journey of meticulous planning, open communication, and realistic expectations. Discover the intricacies of Rhinoplasty, guided by a surgeon dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Personalized Transformation

Every nose possesses unique characteristics, making patient-tailored approaches essential. Dr. Yager examines skin thickness, skeletal stability, and anatomical ideals to create a harmonious result. Computer imaging becomes a crucial tool, enabling you to visualize potential changes on your own face.

Balancing Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty goes beyond aesthetics alone. Dr. Yager examines the nose in relation to the lips and chin to ensure overall facial harmony. Beauty isn’t just about a perfect nose; it’s about a nose that perfectly harmonizes with your entire face.

One of the most rewarding procedures I do is cosmetic nasal surgery. I have to consider your skin thickness, bone structure, and the position of your other facial features to achieve the ideal nose for your particular face, and this ideal is different for each person.

Dr. Yager


30 - 90 mins


Monitored Sedation or General Anesthesia

Recovery Time

1 - 2 weeks

Treatment Areas

Nasal Reshaping, Facial Harmony, Aesthetic Enhancements.

How Rhinoplasty Surgery in New York Works

Realistic Possibilities

  • While a "perfect" nose might not always be achievable, significant enhancements are within reach. The bridge can be adjusted, nostrils narrowed, and tips refined. Yet, maintaining your nose's unique definition hinges on preserving the thickness and quantity of skin.

Procedural Insights

  • Rhinoplasty's duration varies (30 mins to 2 hrs), with anesthesia chosen according to your needs. Stitches, sometimes internal, dissolve over time. Cartilage grafting, often your own, might be needed to enhance support. Recovery is tailored to comfort, avoiding nasal packing or splints.

Patience and Progress

  • Recovery involves elevation, mild swelling, and bruising. While returning to work takes 1-2 weeks, the final result reveals itself over a year. Pain is manageable with Tylenol or CBD oil, while reshaped bridges might require avoiding glasses for 6 weeks.

Helpful Hints

  • Cannot put glasses across nose for 6 weeks
  • Q-Tips useful to clean nose after surgery

Commonly Combined with

  • Chin Surgery
  • Skin Care

Non-Surgical Alternatives

  • Rhinoplasties for issues like nose bumps can be non-surgically addressed with dermal fillers, offering minimal recovery times.

Communication for Success

  • Dr. Yager's high satisfaction rate stems from comprehensive pre-planning and discussions, aligning your vision with his expertise. Transparent communication and shared expectations pave the way for confident and successful outcomes.

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