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In keeping with our philosophy of inner and outer beauty, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer the unique benefits of our individualized Cosmetic Acupuncture services. At SYA, we cater to the discerning and well-informed individuals who are open to exploring the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specifically acupuncture, as part of our program for attaining and maintaining optimal health. We understand your pursuit of perfection and the highest quality of life and are committed to offering services that meet your exacting standards.

The core of our acupuncture practice is focused on the holistic philosophy of balancing the Qi. This vital energy flows within us, carried by our blood and breath. Everyday stressors and environmental factors can disrupt this balance, impacting our health and well-being.

Our expertly trained acupuncturists utilize ultra-fine needles to unblock Qi along various meridians in the body, helping to restore your body’s natural equilibrium, priming it for optimal health. This can provide not only internal health benefits, but can actually make you look younger on the outside as well.

Among the many prescriptive treatments we offer are:


The stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and intestine connect with the brain through the blood vessels, nerve systems, and energetic channels known as meridians. Acupuncture can unblock those meridians.


Acupuncture can be effective for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia. It can help patients to fall asleep sooner, stay asleep with fewer episodes of waking up, and also reduce the anxiety a person feels when they have difficulty falling asleep.

Migrain/Headache Relief

Acupuncture provides relief for migraines and other headaches by releasing endorphins and other hormones, stimulating the circulatory system. This brings the patient relief from headache pain.

Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture can provide fast relief of chronic lower back pain by opening the blocked meridians and moving the stagnated flow of qi and blood. Acupuncture can also stimulate the production of endorphins, the chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain.

Weight Loss

As a supplement to your weight loss strategy, acupuncture can help regulate your metabolism, reduce cravings, and support digestion.

Anxiety & Depression

Regular acupuncture treatments can significantly support those dealing with anxiety and depression. By rebalancing your Qi, we help foster a sense of calm and resilience.

Pain Management

Our acupuncturists apply their expertise in managing chronic pain conditions, including back, neck, joint pain, and migraines, providing a natural, non-invasive alternative to traditional pain relief methods Acupuncture can also stimulate nerve regeneration, offering a potential solution to nerve pain and damage.

Fertility/Balancing Hormones

For those seeking to enhance fertility, acupuncture can improve blood flow to reproductive organs and balance hormone levels.

Stress Reduction

Acupuncture is effective at removing any blockages in the body’s energy channels caused by emotional distress, which allows the patient to feel more relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting acupuncture treatment is not painful. For cosmetic facial acupuncture, we use soft, hair-thin needles to minimize discomfort and promote deep relaxation during your treatment. During the procedure, you might feel a slight aching once a needle reaches the target area. If you feel any kind of pain, tell the acupuncturist immediately.

Everyone’s body is unique, and we will personally suggest the best number of treatments based on your target areas, medical history, and treatment goals.

Our cosmetic acupuncture program lasts up to 12 weeks. It includes 12 weekly sessions. After that, we offer monthly sessions to sustain your results and promote the maximum benefits.

The number of needles that are used for acupuncture varies depending on the technique and what the procedure is for. On average, about five to 20 needles are used for a typical session. For cosmetic acupuncture, over 100 needles are used on average. Needles used for facial treatment are twice as fine as our normal hair; tiny and soft. Typically, the treatments are very relaxing. If you prefer fewer needles during treatment, please let us know and we will adjust our approach for your comfort level.

It is also worth mentioning that these needles can be inserted into just about any part of the body in a general acupuncture session. For example, they can be inserted into the fingers to treat osteoarthritis or the elbow to treat a condition called tennis elbow. For cosmetic acupuncture treatments, majority of the needles are inserted into your face and head.

The length of an acupuncture session depends on the patient and the clinic that offers it. Some clinics may have an hour-long session, while others only take 10 to 20 minutes. Your acupunturist will let you know. Our feature cosmetic acupuncture includes cleansing, backrub, facial acu-massage before the acupuncture treatment, and a face mask at the end. The entire program typically lasts about 90 minutes, but you may want to set aside up to 2 hours.

Acupuncture treatments may be covered by your insurance company if it is within their policy and prescribed by a doctor. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to see if they cover acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture treatments in principle are not covered by insurance.

Getting pregnant can be a difficult process for both men and women. For males, recent studies have shown that getting acupuncture can help stimulate a man’s sperm production as well as sperm movement. This is done by inserting acupuncture needles in the center of the pubic bone, which is also known as the “curved bone.”


Integrating acupuncture into your daily health regime can assist in managing various health issues and contribute significantly towards your pursuit of a more fulfilling, healthier life. We invite you to book an appointment today and experience the harmonizing power of SYA’s meticulously tailored acupuncture services.

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